For a long time, dream so a person eventually the dream resemble --Andre Malraux-

Painting (meditation stories)

All paintings by acrylic 20*20 cm 

Meditation is gaining freedom from our minds.

                                       Meditation is letting the mind take root.

                                                          Meditation is like cooking.

                                            Meditation is rolling the rosary in our minds.

                                            Meditation is taking a snapshot of our minds.

                                      (Sold)  Meditation is like bearing a child.

          Meditation is a process of broadening our mind in order not to be affected by stress.

Meditation is like a chair which the mind can take a rest on.

Meditation is making a lotus flower bloom in our minds.

                                      Meditation is to clean our minds from dust.

Meditation is letting the mind lead the way.

Meditation is to look into our inner mind, while the eyes look to the outer world.

 Meditation does not perform miracles.

Meditation is knocking on the door of one’s own mind.

 Meditation is the peeling away of the shell of our mind.  

Meditation is to listen intently.

 Meditation is silence.

                                          Meditation is the mirror of our minds.

Meditation is to stop striving for a comfortable state of body and mind.

Meditation is not riding on a train of a wandering thought but observing it as it comes and as it goes, just sitting still at the platform without being distracted.

(Sold) Meditation is to light a candle in our lives.

 Meditation is like wiping a blackboard clean.

Meditation is for anyone and everyone.

                                     Meditation is to wait for the dirt to settle down in the water.