For a long time, dream so a person eventually the dream resemble --Andre Malraux-


* Mill Road Winter Fair in Cambridge in 2013 Printmaking card, Location drawing, Meditation story painting, 

 * Mill Road Winterfair in Cambridge 1st Dec 2012 

         Sale greeting and Christmas card

         I sold 30cards this day. Thanks you for buying my handmade card!!!


* Children's books at the Kidsroomzoom's Library     (International Design Week in Milan) in Italy     17th -22nd Apr 2012  * Bologna Children's book fair book standing  19-22 March 2012


* Cambridge Buddhist Centre From18Feb to 5Apr  2012


* Mill road winterfair 3 Dec 2011

* Primavera gallery in 2011


Meditation Now and Here,  PHILA and NEW YORK in 2010

*MA degree show in Kingston university,  Barge house in  London 2009

*Mind drawing solo exhibition,  MAGO in Seoul 2008

* MA degree show in SangMyung University the Graduate School of Arts and Design in 2008 

* Ninety nine Children's Books Illustrators, Dongduk Art Gallery in 2005