For a long time, dream so a person eventually the dream resemble --Andre Malraux-

3D illustration

I was so afraid of starting Sep again this year because of the anniversary of Eun-Sung’s death (14. Sep). Last year, I could overcome as becoming “Super Jemma”. It made me bearing well for everything in UK.
 This year I struggled too much for academic reading, writing etc. then it made me easy to feel frustrated myself and wanted to stop studying. But my dearest friend, he told me always “A genius
Jemma” and encouraged me. At first, I felt so shy hearing “A genius” because I knew how much I stupid was. But I changed my thinking, and then I believe that I’m a genius. So I can do it! I don’t want to feel frustrated often after meet-up with my supervisor.
I remembered that Eun-sung said that she believed me that I could pass my PhD before she went to the surgery. She was worried about me rather than her health. The after surgery, she couldn’t wake up. I’m so sorry to her and thanks to her. Whenever I miss her, I think myself that I’m a genius so I could do it!!! 
                                                                    8th Sep 2012 

                                             I made this one to overcome my sadness.
                              My close friend “Eunsung” was died last few days ago.
                   I will remember her and will become stronger Jemma who is “super Jemma”.


                                                 Sushi-King, board game     in 2008

-Mind drawing- in 2007

Figures in 2006