For a long time, dream so a person eventually the dream resemble --Andre Malraux-

2D illustration

Where is my OX?



When we were young... pencil drawing and acryl


What happened?

in 2008

 When we were young...

                                    pencil drawing + water colour in 2009

seeking the OX

                                               water colour print in 2007

Magic flute

water colour in 2006

Kant Kids book

water colour in 2006

Yeonohrang and seonyeo

pastel +acrylic in 2006  

The giving tree, Acrylic in 2005

Kongjwi and Padjwi,Traditional fairy tale in 2005

One,  acrylic in 2006

                                                Seeking the OX, water colour in 2007

                                                 I have a dream, oil pastel in 2004

 Acrylic in 2005